3 quick ways to freshen up your brand’s social media content (that you can do almost immediately)


Filling your social media profiles with fresh and unique content, day in and day out, can seem like a very tall task.


You need your social media content to be creative while staying on-brand. You need to experiment, while still appealing to your audience’s tastes and interests. And it’s likely that you feel like, before you can even do anything, you need to lock yourself away for weeks on end to research your ideas and figure out an airtight plan on how to execute them well.

But we’re here to tell you something. Conjuring up unique content doesn’t have to be a complicated affair – and in fact, you can achieve it quite quickly and to great success if you’re savvy. To help you get started, we’re sharing three of our top ideas for freshening up your feeds almost instantly. Read on.


1. Conduct an Instagram or Facebook Live


How often do you do live videos (commonly known as “Lives”) for your followers? The chances are, not a lot. But doing one can really pay off, for a number of reasons.

Firstly – by being able to put a face to your company – you’ll increase your brand’s authentic feel to those who watch your Live, as they’re able to connect with a person as opposed to your product(s). It’s likely that you’ll also be seen by more people, too, as conducting Lives increases your visibility… especially on Instagram (as Lives get pushed to the top of the Story feed). Not only are you likely to be seen by more people than usual, then, you’re more likely to connect with them, too.

More than this, Lives have real pulling power when it comes to selling or promoting products. 40% of consumers state that watching a video will make them more likely to buy a product through their mobiles, while elsewhere, research shows that Facebook Live videos produce six times as many interactions as traditional videos.

So, we’ve established that Lives are a great opportunity to connect with your followers in a meaningful way. That being said, you shouldn’t overdo them. The Live format works best when you have something new to announce, or if you need to engage with your following on a more one-to-one level: for instance, if you’re revealing a new product or want to answer some Q&As. If you use the Live format to talk about anything and everything, it’s likely that your viewership will drop, as your viewers won’t want to dedicate their attention to an update they could easily find elsewhere in your social media content. Keep your Lives niche, unique, and fresh, and your followers will keep coming back for more.


2. Get a relevant influencer to take command of one of your platforms


Are there any influential figures in your field that suit your following down to a T? Then why not let them take the reins of one of your social media platforms?

We know, we know. Letting somebody take command of a platform that you’ve spent so long nurturing is a nerve-racking notion. But the pros are definitely worth (the extremely small) risk.

For one, if you can get someone influential to endorse you, it’s exceedingly likely that your followers – both new and old – will have more faith in your product(s). This is a particularly strong argument when you consider that 49% of consumers think brand-created ads are “annoying or irrelevant”, yet 82% would consider an influencer’s recommendation. By letting an influencer take over your channel, then, your followers will see that not only do they recommend you, but they’re willing to represent you – which is sure to give you some cool points.

There are other obvious reasons to give it a go, too. Having someone else in charge of your content for a day or two is bound to make your feed more original, as they’ll be sharing social media content that you might not have considered before. More than this, they’ll have their own following – one that’s more than likely to take an interest in you, when they notice that their favourite influencer is engaging with your brand. More followers, a fresher feed and increased loyalty? Sign us up.

User generated content

3. Bring user-generated content to the fore


People want to see real people on their favourite brand’s feeds… people just like them, who are enjoying your product(s) in real life.

The reason is simple. People – particularly millennials – will trust a “real” person far more readily than they will a company, as, conceivably, they believe that a customer will not have an ulterior motive when reviewing your brand, and will be honest.

Yep. It’s a trust game, and you’d do well to play it. According to this report, 68% of customers say that UGC, such as ratings or reviews, makes them feel more secure when making a purchase decision, and further, that 84% of people trust reviews from a user as much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

The short story? It would be in your best interest to shed light on these users. Not only because it’s likely to boost your sales, but because it’ll mix up your feed a bit, as well. Sharing your users’ “real” content (as opposed to your posed or branded posts) will add authenticity to your pages while increasing loyalty to your brand. If your followers aren’t posting about you much already, then, begin incentivising them. Offer an exclusive discount if they share a post about you, or create a brand-specific hashtag for them to use.

One last thing. If you get a bad review, that’s a good thing. Getting negative UGC actually provides you with a great opportunity to step up and show your audience how you deal with issues… which will will likely foster more faith in you and give your positive UGC more credibility. In the same report cited before, 95% of customers said they suspected brands were dishonest when they could only find positive reviews about them, while another 95% said that they would be satisfied if a company could resolve their problem. Show that you’re willing to help, and don’t be afraid to lose face. It actually just proves that you’re human.

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