4 simple ways to improve your content marketing strategy


Putting together a results-driven content marketing strategy can sometimes be a stressful event. You worry about important ideas slipping through the cracks. Missing out on big marketing opportunities, or investing a lot of money and time into ideas that might not come off.

But it doesn’t always have to be such a headache. Big content marketing ideas and campaigns certainly have their place in the grand scheme of your digital strategy – that’s true. But there are lots of fantastic, simple ways that you can jazz up your content without digging your way to an early grave (or, at least, getting a few grey hairs). Here are some of our top tips.


1. Blow the dust off your brand’s blog


This is one of the most effective ways that you can boost your content marketing strategy. The benefits of publishing blog content routinely – which we’ve explored in a previous article – are many. You’ll rank higher in search engines, generate and convert more leads and have a dedicated space for your content online, to name a few.

Of course, it goes without saying that to really reap results, you need to be consistent! But with the right team (perhaps two friendly bear lovers) by your side, you can’t go far wrong. Plan your blog posts at least a couple of weeks in advance, factor in different styles (like both short and long-form copy, interviews and “listicles”) and get some routine, SEO-friendly and relevant content written.

Marketing Insider Group suggests you should publish two to four posts a week, but this really varies depending on the size and clout of your company. Keep an eye on your page analytics and experiment where necessary to find what works for you.


“If you’re connecting with your audience, your content is serving its purpose.”


2. Inject some heart into what you make


You’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s when it comes to SEO keywords, sorting your social analytics and posting at peak times in your content marketing strategy. But have you looked past the data to tap into people’s hearts? 

A study on Adweek shows that an immense 91% of customers want brands to be genuine on social media, so it’d serve you well to consider where you can amp up the emotion in your content. Again, this doesn’t have to be a time-heavy task. You don’t necessarily need to compose an emotionally-inspired campaign, or totally redesign of your existing brand communications. To get started, you could simply share some behind-the-scenes snaps of your office dog, outings and snacks (people love food!). Or you might want to consider “signing off” your responses to customers online with your name, and generally mix up how you engage with your target audience – being more witty or emotion-centric in your interactions.

If you prefer to be more private online – or your brand has a more reserved approach to connecting with its customers – that’s fine, too. You could share quotes that resonate with you, or inspirational social posts to your page from relevant influencers in your field. Basically, no matter how you like to engage – or the nature of your tone of voice – you should communicate in a way that increases the authenticity of your brand where possible. If you’re connecting with your audience, your content is serving its purpose.

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3. Create conversation


One of the best ways to better your content marketing strategy is to actually look beyond the strategy itself, and sniff out real-time opportunities to connect with your audience. Usually, this means responding to trending topics or events that are relevant to your brand. This could be as simple as posting a GIF, or re-sharing some of your old but still poignant content.

By keeping your finger on the pulse of what matters to your digital audience – and getting involved in conversations that interest them – you can keep your brand in the spotlight in a meaningful way. Just make sure you’re not pigeonholing yourself into conversations that don’t suit you, so that you don’t run the risk of appearing inauthentic (*screams*). 


“Don’t let all your previous hard work go to waste – after all, you created your content to be seen, so it shouldn’t stay hidden!”


4. Promote and improve what’s already there


Contrary to popular assumption, your future content marketing strategy doesn’t have to solely consist of publishing new content. Your older stuff can work too – so long as it’s still relevant.

Spruce up your outdated website copy and blog and social media posts with new links, stats and facts to keep your content on the cutting-edge. If a good opportunity appears, re-share content to your digital feeds, and point people to the “evergreen” content you’ve created to increase your visibility. Don’t let all your previous hard work go to waste – after all, you created your content to be seen, so it shouldn’t stay hidden!

One last thing. You might notice while updating your content that there’s room for improvement. Perhaps you feel like your brand’s tone of voice has changed, or that your current communications are a little stale. You might be inspired by something you used to do – but had forgotten about – in your previous content marketing efforts, or might sense that it’s time to rethink your strategy. 

Don’t sweep this instinct under the rug. Though daunting, it’s always prudent to be open to changing your content marketing strategy when necessary, so that you can evolve and adapt with the shifting digital landscape. And yes, we know that completely rethinking things does not qualify as a “simple” way to improve your strategy… but that’s what we’re here for. Don’t be shy – send us a homing pigeon.


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