Read all about it! 5 things you should include in your next newsletter

Hot off the presses


Creating an eye-catching newsletter can often be the difference between converting a previous customer into a return sale or enticing new subscribers to make a first-time purchase. They’re also a great way to build a long term relationship with your clients. You can keep them informed about your company’s latest products, or help drive them to other areas of your website, such as your blog or social media pages.

Newsletters play an important role internally for many companies, too. While slightly more rigid in nature (although they don’t always have to be) company newsletters are useful for keeping employees aware of structural changes, staff comings and goings, and any recent milestones that might have been achieved.


Open season


Unfortunately, many newsletters fail to make an impact when they land in a subscriber’s inbox. In fact, the average open rate of emails across all industries was a mere 24.8% in 2018.

To avoid the dreaded delete button, then, a newsletter has to be appealing, well-structured, succinct and include only relevant information for your chosen target audience. An alluring subject line might get people to click, but they won’t hang around long if the content itside fails to inspire.

So what should you include in your next newsletter? Let’s take a look at five great things you could – and probably should – mention.


1. Blog recap


Are you regularly updating your company blog with interesting and exciting content? (If not, you should be!) Let your readers know what they’ve been missing out on by including excerpts from your latest blog posts, and guide them to more content which they may have previously overlooked.


2. Company news


If your company has recently won an award (congratulations) or hired an exciting new team member, then your newsletter is the perfect place to highlight your success. Your clients have already shown that they’re willing to support you by using your services in the past, so it’s only natural that they’d want to celebrate your achievements with you. Don’t be shy about sharing the good news.


3. Special offers


A newsletter is the ideal platform to promote your latest deals to your subscribers, particularly if you can offer exclusive discounts that aren’t available anywhere else. That being said, you should only showcase the very best deals or discounts you have to offer, and consciously limit the amount of product pushing you do to avoid overselling. Try to keep your special offers seasonal or around important dates so they retain their impact over time.


4. Testimonials


Nothing builds trust between a client and a business like a heartfelt, well-written testimonial. If you’ve recently received positive feedback on your products and services, then let everyone know! User reviews and testimonials are one of the best ways to attract new business, and often it may only take someone else’s opinion to help sway a hesitant customer into making their first purchase.


5. Industry news and trends


While your newsletter’s primary focus is to highlight your company’s services and any updates, it’s also a great place to share your thoughts on the latest developments in the industry. You may work with other companies in the same sector, so it’s always good to show that you’re aware of any current trends that may be happening and that are relevant to your customers.

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