Charities, listen up! Here are 4 simple tricks to help you make it big on social media

Charities? We wouldn’t coin you as the most typical of brands.


Namely, you’re not trying to sell a product or service (at least, not in the traditional sense). You’re just trying to do good. But while that makes you the best, that doesn’t always make you the easiest to market. It can be difficult to promote yourself in an effective manner and get the attention you deserve.

Fear not. Helping brands of all shapes and sizes to succeed online is our forte. In fact – if you’ll excuse the “humblebrag” – I’ve specifically managed to boost charities’ profiles before (which you can read more about here). So, without further ado, here are four easy ways you can start making your brand big online.


1. Get involved in relevant hashtag chats


Engaging in an emotive and impactful way with your target audience is huge when advertising your charity. Hashtag chats are a brilliant way to do that. Though there are a fair few that you can take part in, the two most important – and relevant – are #CharityTuesday and #CharityHour. The former runs every Tuesday all day, with no structure or host, while the latter is on Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00 PM. It’s usually led by a thought leader or member of the charitable community.

Both chats have their perks. #CharityTuesday is brilliant for sharing all kinds of content and engaging with a huge array of UK charities. Alternatively, #CharityHour is fantastic for getting involved in more structured chats, and having thoughtful discussions about what can be done within the sector. Pop ‘em both in your schedule.


2. Make storytelling a number one priority


The best way to get folks interested in your brand is to show them all the great work that you do… and nothing is more evocative than real stories about real people (just check out the new National Lottery advert). 

There are a couple of ways you could go about sharing your charity’s stories. Firstly, you could do “live” studies, where you keep your following up-to-date on current work that your charity is doing. If your following becomes invested, they’ll keep checking back on your social media feeds, blog or wherever else you’re sharing news to find out what’s happening. They might even be interested in donating to your cause. Secondly, you could share past stories, showing your digital fanbase some of the wonderful things you’ve been able to achieve through pictures, articles and newsletters.

Whichever route you choose (we’d recommend both!), tell as many stories as you can. The point of doing so in the first place is to portray the good that your charity can achieve while relating to as many people possible. These are both goals which you’ll be more successful in if you’re sharing a high volume of stories. It’s time to scribble (or hire some scribbling experts *cough*).

UK charity social media

3. Plan special campaigns around calendar days


There are absolutely tons of charity-focused awareness days that you can take part in each year to put your brand in the spotlight. Ranging from the fairly broad (Volunteer’s Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day) to incredibly specific (World Migratory Bird Day), you’re guaranteed to spot some relevant ones to plan cool content for. Here’s a charity-focused calendar to help you get organised for 2019.


4. Make people feel as though it’s easy to take part


Here’s the thing. Most people want to do good. In 2017, the total amount given to charity increased to £10.3 billion (according to the CAF UK Giving Report 2018). More and more people have been getting involved in petitions and public demonstrations, too, while a larger number of young people are donating to charities. On top of this, recent statistics from NCVO record that 38% of people volunteer at least once a year, while over one in five (22%) volunteer once a month.

The message is simple. If you can make it easy to give through your brand’s digital platforms, you really should. For instance, you could create some posts focused on your brand’s activities in local areas. Then, using advertising tools, you could put these posts in front of people who live there, specifically – making them aware that you’re there and that they can get involved. Or, if you’re a foundation, host competitions in which the winners can donate some of your money to a charity of their choice. These simple yet engaging ideas are bound to attract attention and appeal to your audience’s inner samaritans. A brill double-whammy.


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