Connect with the right people – How formal does your brand need to be?

How formal does your brand need to be?


We’re often told that business tends to be serious… well, business. There’s no room for tomfoolery, light-hearted humour or any deviation from the strict, stuffy dress code forced upon us. (Unless it’s dress-down Fridays, of course.)

For a business to run like a well-oiled machine, all communication should be clear, formal and in line with company policy and procedures. Handshakes should be firm, meetings should be long and drawn out, and the tea room shouldn’t be treated as a place to socialise – so get back to work!


Thankfully, business doesn’t have to be boring.


While maintaining a level of professionalism will never go out of style, there are countless brands that have flourished by ditching the formalities in favour of a more genuine approach. Consumers are flocking to companies that show they have a human side. Whether it’s through their social media presence or company-wide communications – it pays to be personable.

That being said, it’s important to assess whether a more relaxed tone is appropriate for your specific brand or industry as a whole. If you’re in the legal sector, for example, there’s an expected level of written and oral communication that must be adhered to. On the other hand, an upcoming food company promoting their new line of smoky bacon needn’t worry as much.


Interacting with customers has also changed.


The mantra of “the customer is always right” is always a good thing to keep in mind. But it shouldn’t be the yardstick you judge your company on. Some customers are just plain wrong, after all. And in today’s ever-changing society, sometimes they might not align with your company’s beliefs or how you see yourselves in the world. Not every customer should be a priority. And by sticking to your guns with a particularly outspoken detractor, you may even attract the kind of consumers you actually want.

A great example of a company who isn’t afraid to give as good as they get is Wendy’s, who have amassed some truly hilarious interactions with their customers on Twitter.



So, let’s get real, shall we?


Throwing off the shackles of what people expect from a business can be a daunting prospect, admittedly. But there are countless companies who have successfully broken the mould with outstanding results. Sure, they might have ruffled a few feathers along the way or even made a few missteps. But transforming a company from being as just another business into a trustworthy brand takes courage. You know, like how Apple removed the headphone jack

So the next time you’re composing a tweet, drafting up a company newsletter or interacting with a customer, remember to be genuine, honest and compassionate in your communication. You may garner far greater results than you ever expected.

If you want to change your tone of voice, rethink your approach to social media or inject your brand with some sizzling-hot content, contact us today to see how we can help you!

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