We’re one year old! A little birthday speech from Jammy Bear


Whip out the red velvet cake and tilt your hat to a jaunty angle – today, Jammy Bear turns one.


Yep. You read that right. Exactly 365 days ago today, on September 6th 2018, we introduced our content marketing business to the world. 

We know, we know. Time flies. But you know what that means, right? 


Today’s our birthday! 


It’s our first official milestone as a business – and as with all milestones, it posits a great opportunity to sit back and reflect a bit on the things that have happened. Our ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. Victories and lessons learned. We’ve also done a quick tally of all the coffees we’ve drunk while typing away at our laptops, and let me tell you… it’s a lot. (Dolce Gusto, if you ever need any content writing, we’re your people.) 

But there’s one, major common thread that links all of our best memories together. One thing that really stands out as the reason why we’ve had such a wonderful first year of business. And it’s this: 


We’ve been able to collaborate with some truly special clients.


We’ve worked really hard. It’s true. You don’t launch a business without working really hard. But we’ve also had some incredible luck, because, since the beginning, we’ve been able to write for causes and companies that we feel truly passionate about. 

We’ve scribbled scintillating copy for clients all around the world – including the incredibly exciting French cloud gaming company, a UK-based tech retailer and a Japanese business consultation agency. We’ve written websites and blog posts and reviews, on topics ranging from Japanese culture to the latest in video games and, of course, the “breathtaking” Keanu Reeves (because we weren’t going to miss an opportunity to jump on that viral train. Love you, John Wick). And, more recently, we’ve gotten to work with a remarkably innovative company, making huge efforts to be more sustainable.

Our clients have inspired and pushed us. Together, we’ve been able to produce fun, engaging and truly unique content, and sharing our passion for the craft – and producing wonderful work that reaps results – is really the core reason why this year has been one of the most satisfying of both of our professional lives.


So, bring on year number two. 


Bring on the networking events. The conferences. The pitches. The meetings with clients both old and new. Bring on the coffee (seriously, Dolce Gusto. Call us). But most of all, bring on the amazing opportunities to create staggering content for the brands we love – the big, meaty content projects and engaging articles, inspired social media posts and one-of-a-kind campaigns. Bring it all on. Because if this first year of business is anything to go by… we’re really excited for year number two!

Hope to see you there. 

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