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Want to enchant your audience through the power of content marketing? No problem. We’ll help you conjure up dazzling copy that engages, amazes and more importantly, converts. Some would call it “word-wizardry”, but it’s just another day in the office for us (and our in-house wizard, Archimedes).

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Can you be friends with the written word? If so, we’re totally besties. Whether it’s creating scintillating website copy, thought-provoking articles or click-worthy newsletters, we’ll use our years of copywriting experience to craft, curate and deliver electrifying content. Your target audience will be left buzzing.

What we can do:

– Write blog and guest posts

– Proofread/edit content

– Handle email communications and newsletters

– Use keyword research and SEO optimisation

– Write website copy

– Establish a tone of voice and brand identity

Did you know? 

Our unique content has spanned the breadth of the industry. From worldwide names like Nintendo and Jaguar Land Rover, to growing charities and tech companies, we’ve written for nearly everyone. We’ve also had success independently – Adam’s video games review site was nominated for a UK Blog Award in 2016.

Social Media

Thanks to social media, finding your target audience is easier than ever. But how do you encourage them to feast on your brand? We’re maestros in cooking up trend-worthy content, and with our knowledge of social media analytics and ability to dish out creative campaigns by the dozen, we’ll feed your fans until they’re fit to burst.

What we can do:

– Plan, write and publish social posts

– Create comprehensive campaigns

– Write and execute target ads

– Analyse social platforms and generate in-depth reports

– Build on-brand social media calendars

– Engage with target audiences and capitalise on current trends

Did you know?

In just one year, Laura transformed the social media accounts of a small charity. She increased their followers by over 2000% and engagements by 45,000% across Facebook and Twitter. Her project was nominated for Cause-Related Marketing Strategy Of The Year at The Drum Awards in 2017.

Outreach and PR

Everybody dreams of seeing their brand’s name in lights. We’ll catapult you to fame (and hopefully fortune) with the power of PR, spreading your message through positive press releases while collaborating with your field’s movers and shakers. You’ll have serious street cred in no time.

What we can do:

– Establish relationships with relevant influencers and publications

– Write press releases and other press related content

– Come up with unique, PR-friendly campaigns

Did you know?

While running his own independent website, Adam developed relationships with a variety of high-profile developers, publishers and PR contacts in the video games industry. He even secured press passes to dozens of events that took him as far as Tokyo!