Celebrating “Spooktober”: why Halloween is hot, and ideas for how your brand can jump on the hype train at short notice


Is your brand ready for Halloween?


Because if it isn’t, it should be. Halloween is getting more and more popular year on year, with increased celebrations spanning both our on and offline worlds.

According to a report by the National Geographic, the holiday’s popularity has risen in Germany, the UK and Japan, while statistics show that spending around Halloween in both the US and the UK is on the rise (and, in fact, US adults spent an average of $86.79 on the holiday in 2018: a record amount).

Along with emptying their pockets, the amount of people talking about Halloween online seems to be soaring. On Instagram alone, the consecutive hashtags #halloween2016, #halloween2017 and #halloween2018 have been used 1.9M, 2.0M and 2.1M times, respectively. Beyond that, brands are getting more and more creative in the way they talk about Halloween and/or promote their products at this time of year, inspiring adults further in their celebrating, especially in the US. 35% of US adults say that online marketing is where they get their Halloween-related inspo, while a whopping 65% of millennials claim the same.


This isn’t really a surprise.


As content marketers, we’re well aware of the impact that hot topics and conversation online can have on us offline. Influencers can encourage people to spend money on certain products, for instance. It’s also easier than ever for brands to bewitch us into investing in/following them with a well-planned campaign or two. Our spooky speculation? With pop culture so readily at everyone’s fingertips and social media making trends (and brands) more visible than ever, humans are increasingly susceptible to hype around products, trends and – in this case – holidays.


So – bearing these facts in mind – how can you use the conversation around Halloween to your brand’s advantage?


It’s the big question… but before we answer it, you should check whether you really need the answer yourself. If your target audience doesn’t commonly take part in the Halloween hullabaloo, or if you’re a dead serious company, perhaps this trending topic isn’t quite right for your brand.

If your target audience is mainly comprised of 18 to 44 year-old Americans, however, or millennials (who claim that Halloween is their favourite holiday), it’s likely that they’ll be vocal about the subject… and about you, if you act quick.

Your guide to spookily speedy strategising…


Next up: creating your plan of action.

As a general rule of thumb, we’d never advise that you hastily put together a content marketing plan the week before an important or topical event. The more time you give yourself to ideate, create and execute a thorough content strategy, the more seeds you’re likely to sow. However, nobody’s perfect (except for our gloriously cute mascot, of course), and sometimes these things can sneak up on us. So if you’ve had a little trouble planning ahead this year, here are some of the easiest ways to generate hype around your brand this spine-chilling season:


1. Create a Halloween-themed giveaway


Competitions are an easy fallback for when you want all eyes on your brand (because who doesn’t love a freebie?). Find a Halloween-themed angle at which to present your products and generate a special deal or giveaway to draw your target audience (and Spooktober lovers) to your digital pages. This type of content marketing works for a short notice content push, because it often generates great results and is a really useful way to help you achieve any numbers of digital goals (including visits to your website, social media pages and more). Boo-tiful.


2. Temporarily freshen up your brand’s look


No matter the nature of your brand or what you sell, you can always make your social media profiles look a little more Spooktober-friendly. Don a digital costume of your own and adopt Halloween motifs like cobwebs, ghosts and stars in your profile pictures, cover photos and more, for a temporary makeover that’ll likely inspire chatter and prove that you’re in the spirit of things. Easy as one, two, three-ky (Friday).


3. Create some chilling Halloween content


Again, we don’t really vouch for the “fly by the seat of your pants” (or broom) approach when it comes to creating content. However, it is possible to whip together some effective content with the right attitude (and a little research). For instance, if you sell snacks or food, you (or two very talented copywriters that you can contact here, *cough cough*) could create a couple of Halloween-themed recipes based on flavours that prove most popular around this time of year. Alternatively, you could conduct a small, fall-themed photoshoot using Autumn props. Or, you could dress up your company mascot in Halloween garb for some fun Instagram-friendly pics, like so:

Halloween Social Media Ideas

Inspired, right?


4. Get involved in relevant Halloween conversations


If you’re unsure about creating Halloween content, you can still keep your brand involved by jumping in on the conversations about the topic that your target audience are taking part in. Check out what’s trending, analyse the conversation that’s most relevant to you and share your own insights, puns, ideas and more. It’s a surefire way to still steal focus, even if your digital pages lack hocus pocus.


Keep things easy (and eerie, of course).


When you’re trying to put something together in a flash, keeping things simple – though well-researched! – is best. Don’t over complicate your approach to Halloween this year, and focus on making a bigger splash next year instead. Because if the stats have anything to show, it’s that Halloween is one of the topics to talk about on social media. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to get involved, if you can.


Need help with turning around your Halloween strategy… or perhaps you’re a little late preparing your brand for Christmas? Whatever holiday you need to prepare for, we can help you create a kickass campaign. Find out how.

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