The benefits of writing well – for your brand and for yourself

Writing is one of humanity’s oldest art forms. It’s how we’ve communicated with each other throughout history, and shared our stories and perspectives with the world. Now, the benefits of writing are even more compelling: not only used as a tool to connect, but as a practice that can help us both mentally and emotionally, as well as acting as a vital conduit to your brand’s digital success.

But how can mastering the art of word-wizardry help you, exactly? We explore the personal and professional benefits of writing below – sharing some reasons why your brand should take the art seriously… and why you should consider picking up a pen from time to time, too.


The professional benefits of writing

The professional benefits of writing

Great copywriting is the crucial foundation to every content marketing strategy. That’s right – every. There’s not a single brand that wouldn’t benefit from having their content written in a considered, clear and compelling way. Here are some of the reasons why.


Once your brand’s copywriting is in the bag, your content opportunities are limitless


We’re probably skipping to the punchline by putting this one first, but if you want to know the benefits of writing effectively at a glance, this is probably the biggest thing to consider.

When you have great copywriting, or a couple of great copywriters, in your arsenal, your content marketing strategy can go anywhere. There will be endless ways for you to connect with your readers, all of which have wonderful wordage at their core:

– E-newsletters, where you can share exclusive campaigns, updates and more
– Blogs, where you can distribute useful information and connect with your audience
– Adverts, where you can encourage customers to invest in your brand
– Websites, to help you communicate your brand and create a central hub for your audience
– Social media platforms, where you can share all sorts of awesome content with the world
– Videos – which, when paired with an awesome script, can really make your brand fly. (Video content is definitely something you should be considering anyway, as according to Aum, 87% of marketers said videos increased website traffic.)

There are many more, besides, but you get the picture. Crushingly good copy = the foundation for so many of the internet’s most effective content platforms.


Your words become your voice


1. My name is Laura and I write copy for brands. Get in touch.
2. Hi! My name’s Laura, and I conjure up cracking copy for the coolest companies around the world. Fancy a chat?

Can you see the difference between those two statements? Though they say exactly the same thing, the second version has tons more personality, and generally will encourage a lot more people to engage. The reason is because the second type of voice is a lot more “human”, and gives the reader the sense that they’re in the (digital) presence of a friendly, personable entrepreneur. AKA, someone they’re much more likely to want to do business with, than the writer of the first statement, who seems cold, bored and perhaps a little under-caffeinated.

I think we’re all on the same page as per the version of Laura we’d prefer to talk to.

And this is the simplest of exercises in demonstrating the value of your tone of voice – and, more specifically, the benefits of writing a well-crafted one. One that really reflects your brand, and brings out your genuine, human side, will help you to connect with your audience. More than that, it’ll increase your brand recognition across the web, make customers more likely to invest in you, and create correlations throughout your different forms of content (as you’re consistently using the same “voice” across them), from your website to social media pages and blog. Pretty valuable, ‘ey?


You can connect with your audience by communicating clearly


Similar to the point above, stellar copywriting will help you create a sense of trust with your audience.

This will be a direct result of the clarity, personality and engaging nature of your copy. Fab writing is immediately understandable, and gives your audience a sense of what you’re all about in a couple of sentences. On a similar note, the purpose of your copy – whether it’s a social caption, article or other – should be quickly understandable, too, so that you hook your readers in the first few sentences, and compel them to keep reading until the end. With all of us suffering from notoriously shortened attention spans, this is something you won’t be able to achieve with mediocre copy… hence, again, the necessity of being good with words.


You’ll be taken more seriously


Spelling mistakes, shoddy writing and unclear messaging are all really off putting when you’re trying to connect with a business. You want to avoid all three at all costs, if you can: preserving your professional image, and growing trust with your audience and potential business partners.

Perhaps this sounds OTT to you, but – particularly if you’re working with B2B clients – people are much less likely to take you seriously if you can’t write well. Worst case scenario, it might cause them to distrust you or think you’re an impostor: a look you definitely want to avoid on the road to success.


The personal benefits of writing

The personal benefits of writing

Writing isn’t only a useful tool for brands. It’s also something you yourself might want to pick up. The benefits of writing for yourself are plenty, and many people swear by it – including the three writers we spoke to from around the UK, who gave us their thoughts on the subject below.


Opens up your mind and fosters creativity


Like a muscle, your right brain grows stronger the more you use it. Writing is a wonderful way to be more creative, as it’s basically free (you only need a pen and paper, or your existing computer/laptop) and there are so many forms you can play with. Whether you lean more towards poetry, short stories, novels, scripts, freewriting, journaling or other, there are numerous ways for you to play with words on paper, and see your concepts come to life.

You might even discover something unexpected about yourself – a side to your inner artist you didn’t realise you had. Maybe you’ll learn you like writing horror scripts, for instance, or chicklit. Or perhaps you’re a haiku master? Or find that you can put your heart down on paper more easily in the form of letters, helping you communicate better with your loved ones. Put pen to paper, and discover for yourself.

There are tons of tips on the National Centre For Writing if you want some pointers before you get going.


Keeps your brain ticking


If you’re having a sluggish day, writing can help you move past your funk. It utilises your brain in a creative way, which should then make it more active when addressing other tasks.

“I write when I’m feeling really stuck with whatever I’m working on,” jeweller Lucille Whiting explained, mirroring our thoughts on the subject. “It’s counterproductive to struggle with something for hours, so I change up what I’m doing, and write during breaks so that I still feel I’m using my time productively. I love to write, and find it therapeutic.”


Connect to your inner self and be happier


Establishing a regular writing practice can actually make you feel more clear headed, and ultimately more content, in your day-to-day.

“I’m a wellness coach and a writer/script editor,” wellness coach Pippa Best shared. “I love using stream of consciousness writing or speed writing in response to prompts at the retreats I host – as a way to witness our thoughts, stay present, and connect to our intuition and inner voice. That process can also be useful for exploring the inner critic, too. I journal when I want to explore a particular issue, or release an issue that’s stressing me out. And I do ten-minute writing sessions with friends once a week to get my creativity flowing and explore the unexpected.”

With all these benefits of writing, why wouldn’t you give it a go?


Gives you a sense of understanding and control


When life feels like it’s running away from you and your obstacles feel too great, writing can be a valuable way in which to gain a new perspective and find peace.

“Journalling has changed my life,” consultant Hayley McDonnell told us. “It’s helped me find a sense of belonging and identity, as well as the feeling that I’m in control of my day. With so much I can’t control, journalling has helped me immensely.”


Where will you start?


With so many excellent professional and personal benefits of writing, one thing’s clear – the art form needs to have a special seat in your list of priorities!

Get in touch if you’d like some help with crafting copy for your business, and keep your eyes on our blog and social feeds for more tips on the subject. You can drop us any writing-related questions in the comments below, too, if you’d like any further advice. We’re always more than happy to help our readers find their inner author… and can’t wait to hear what stories you have to share.


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