These 5 awesome apps will help you shine on social media (and stay in control)

Has social media got your head in a spin? It can be hard to keep on top of all your accounts, schedules and content. But thankfully – to quote a certain company – there’s an app for that. Or in this case, many.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your content or maximise your output, these five apps will help you shine on social media.


Boomerang (free)


Want to create fun, GIF-like videos for Instagram? Look no further than Boomerang, a spiritual successor to the now sadly defunct Vine. An ideal companion for quick and engaging Instagram stories, Boomerang captures one second of video and loops it back and forth. It may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised by how much character and personality you can pack into such a short period of time.

If Instagram isn’t your thing, you can also share your super-fast videos to other social media platforms. Oh, and you don’t need an Instagram account to use it either, which is handy.



TweetDeck (free)


Juggling multiple Twitter accounts can be a daunting affair. With so many notifications, timelines and trending hashtags to keep track of, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Thankfully, TweetDeck is the perfect partner to help you manage your Twitter feeds (and keep your sanity intact).

TweetDeck splits your accounts into a row of clear, customisable columns. You can choose what to monitor and what to ignore such as mentions, direct messages, followers and scheduled posts. You can also interact with users directly through the app, adding media and emojis to your heart’s content.


TweetDeck social media

Buffer (free/subscription required)


Used by over 80,000 businesses, including the likes of Microsoft and Trello, Buffer lets you schedule posts, analyse performance and manage all your social media accounts in one place. You can also assign individual team members to specific channels, allowing you to delegate your workload effectively.

The biggest benefit of Buffer is the ability to set up a unique posting schedule for each account. Just simply determine the days and times you’d like to post, and away you go. Buffer can also be used across a variety of apps and extensions, making it super convenient whether you’re at your desk or out of the office.


VSCO (free/subscription required)


Photos dominate social media, often leading to far higher engagement and impressions. With VSCO, you’ll have all the presets and editing tools at your fingertips to ensure your pics are the prettiest they can be. Adjust the contrast, saturation and grain on the fly, or simply choose from one of VSCO’s many presets.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, VSCO has an active community where you can connect with like-minded content creators and even watch creative tutorials to help you hone your skills.


Sprout Social (subscription required)


Arguably the ultimate tool to manage all of your social media accounts, Sprout Social can help you streamline and scale your social monitoring and engagement. With numerous plans, useful features, and clever add-ons, Sprout Social isn’t cheap, but as an all-in-one solution, it’s a price worth paying for many.

If you’d like to take away the stress of social media management and wow your audience with creative, curated content, contact us today.

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Adam Vjestica