Working from phone? Make sure you’ve downloaded these handy – and free! – apps

By now, you’ve probably established your working from home routine. You’re having your daily dalgona coffee. Squirrelling yourself away for a few hours in your office nook, then spending your evening living vicariously through Animal Crossing (at least, if you’re anything like me). But do you feel like your schedule is totally working for you? Or are there aspects that you can refine, still?

Generally, our philosophy for remote working is the same as our philosophy for creating content – which is that there’s always a little room for improvement. A new thing you can try, a way in which you can make your existing schedule easier… and/or (usually and) an app that’ll help you get there. Better yet – a free one, too. Whether you need to carve out a little more time for yourself or up your brand’s social media game, here are our favourite apps to help you boss this working from home lark.


For social media: Later


Every content marketer or social media guru has their preference, but for us, Later is the place to be for all your tweeting, ‘gramming or pinning needs. It’s packed with intuitive features – for instance a “preview mode”, which allows you to see exactly how your images will look in your Instagram feed once published – and is super simple to use, too… so even the most novice social media users among us can easily get to grips with it.

Quick disclaimer: though it’s Instagram-focused, you can use it for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Unfortunately, it’s not exhaustive – you can’t post to LinkedIn through it, for example – but it should definitely do the trick if you’re only focused on the major B2C platforms. Get it downloaded.

Check Later out here


For communicating with your employees (and sending GIFs): Slack


Slack is the MSN of the working world (thankfully, without the annoying “poke” feature). Keep in touch with your team while working from home, set up specific chat areas for different subjects and send GIFs to your heart’s content. You can even create your own emojis, if the inspiration takes you.

Packed with intuitive features and simple to use, it’s the perfect place to keep in touch… and it’s free, if you’re happy to bear a few restrictions. Which to be honest, aren’t very restrictive at all. HMU.

Check Slack out here.


For managing your time: Clockify


Want to make the most of your time working from home? Of course you do – and a time management system, like Clockify, can help. Clockify positions itself as “just like Toggl, but free” – which is honestly pretty accurate. Its goal is simple – to help you see how long you work on different projects, so you can easily discern where you need to spend more (or less) hours. Download it, and master your schedule.

Check Clockify out here.


For working on your brand’s content or client projects: Google apps


The cloud is a beautiful thing… particularly as it brought us Google Docs. And Google Sheets. And Google Slides… the free spaces provided by – you guessed it – Google, where you can whittle together documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more.

Its brilliance is easy to see. No more sending chunky files over email – you can share everything you create on Google Drive with your teammates, and work collaboratively on your documents at the same time for easier, more streamlined working. Other perks include its autosave feature (a true blessing, for anyone who’s ever experienced the horror of a crashed PC mid-project), and you can even make your documents available offline, continuing work with or without an internet connection. Fluid, flexible – fantastic.



For creating your daily schedule: Evernote


A list a day keeps the chaos away! At least, that’s what we say. Evernote is your perfect companion for list-writing – but more than that, it makes it super easy for creatives to pick up inspiration through pictures, voice notes, writing and more. You won’t miss a trick with this handy app in your arsenal – nor will your notes ever be far from hand, giving you increased scope to focus across your devices, and your goals always in sight.

Though there’s a brilliant free version, Evernote’s more premium versions aren’t that expensive and are worth a look if you want to take your note-taking to the next level.

Check Evernote out here.


For organising projects: Asana


Asana is, essentially, a collaborative calendar. At Jammy Bear, we use it to establish timelines with our clients, so they can hop in at any time to see the status of various projects and chart our progress while working from home. It’s easy, ultra-connective, and the free version provides more than enough scope for your simple, project planning needs.

Handily, you can also integrate it with Slack, which will notify you when changes are made to your calendar. Cool, no?

Check Asana out here.


For that all-important facetime: Zoom


Zoom is the digital place to be right now. Whether you’re using it to host pub quizzes or to have conference calls with your team, it’s the easiest way to get face-to-face with the right folk. The free version is excellent, too, and allows you to have unlimited one to one meetings while also offering ticket support, video conferencing and security. What more do you need?

Check Zoom out here.


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